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Pain Gel of Purification

by Cara Neir

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Jordan Vauvert
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Jordan Vauvert Pour lutter contre la douleur, Cara Neir utilise la méthode du mal par le mal. Pain Gel of Purification passe très vite — attention à ne pas l'avaler de travers ! — avec un grindcore qui tabasse dans les règles de l'art. On se met en colère contre : les magasins, l'amour, les chats et leur regard méprisant, les maux d'estomac. Après avoir fait passer la pilule, lire les paroles peut être une bonne idée parce qu'elles sont aussi drôles que la musique de cet album. Aussi fun que méchant. Favorite track: Spicy Sabbatical Spectrophilia.
Kavka thumbnail
Kavka Gimme that grindy goodness :D Matthew Lillard would make a sick Riddler. Favorite track: Squirrelly Saboteurs.
𝙅𝙤𝙚 𝙎𝙥𝙞𝙣𝙚𝙡𝙡
𝙅𝙤𝙚 𝙎𝙥𝙞𝙣𝙚𝙡𝙡 thumbnail
𝙅𝙤𝙚 𝙎𝙥𝙞𝙣𝙚𝙡𝙡 Feels like separating your head from your body and putting it inside a washing machine filled with bricks and snakes and pressing on the spin button. Favorite track: A Weasel, His Crush, and Her Prince.
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Spectrophilia is my most recent kink Those ghastly ghouls are so cute when they shriek Rippin' off their spectral pantyhose to tease I tried to grab some ghost meat but I fell right through Hey you, Casper What's your number? Opened a portal on me and just laughed Chasing me through phantom space in lacy bedsheets Oh baby, I want a selfie with you in the afterlife Ghost booty got me jumping through hoops trying to dine on you tonight Just wanna spend a night with ya, might take my life for it
Super technical arpeggiated gnar-riffer from Oregon, you fucker, you're so cool I probably fucked your girl and your ex-girl The eagle tat on my left calf means freedom The wolf on my right means I'll fuck you up Leader of the pack You screamed, I screamed, when Kelly Osbourne got her lips stuffed And she claims she didn't get plastic surgery, yeah okay sure Literally look at her lips before, then after You thought I was gonna say I scream for ice cream We don't suck that fucking much
Squirrels pissing all over my fuckin' crops Shiny badge screaming little dick, fuck the cops Bottle kids smashing up my ride again You fucking want one? I'll slap you in your grillpiece Swear that one day I'll run the block and own a grip Snatch and run at the 7/11 until then Houndstooth short-sleeve drip Looking like an even worse Josh Homme Sixteen cats in my shed and all of them eat good Bread heels and grease for breakfast, start the shit right
Neo disco noir new wave blackened and skrambled bitcrushed Acid-washed twice-baked down-tuned previously done Sterile non-cohesive ideas with a mediocre take
The moment they spin (the moment they spin) His heart is uplifted, he himself is elated Her hand is in his Without, life does not exist She makes his day without a doubt The rosie they ring around holds secrets "There's something about that Ryan Staring at my Lily... She... likes him too??" Ted drops her hand in mid-trot, a ferret's gangly body crashing into him as he stands there Then Ted walks away, he knows what he must do, "I'm crud to her!", he sobs out loud His cabin is full of unmarked jars with pills, grabbing one and crushing the capsules And after brewing lunch tea he ambles along the trail back to camp to poison them all Everybody drinks and everybody sings, aha ha it's all so funny, heathens "I can't believe it's this again..."
Al Bacio 02:19
Fucking "foodies" Eat my food, go home, and turn into the grim reaper Your words mean so fucking much, please tell me more You're a blight, you're a blight on the industry You're a blight, you're a blight on the industry Get to work, a real job, fuck out of my industry Get to work, a real job, fuck out of my industry 13 hour shifts almost every day for 10 years with no breaks just so I can feed your stinkhole and you can shit all over a complete stranger You aren't a food critic, you're a piece of shit You don't know shit about food and that wasn't seabass you fuck "No way this isn't frozen" Serve him the dish "Can I see the chef?" Serve him the dish "This is so umami"
Neighborhood hermit doesn't leave the house except for school No overnights with friends, all I need is the tube and Dew Oh those were the friggen days Take me back to Friday night faps I wrote letters with a blue dog I had pizza with turtles and a rat Take me back to Friday night faps I only want the toons, fuck friends I ate sugar cereal with a tiger on Saturdays I only wanted the best for M.A.D. Cat I preferred the Digi-destined cause they could devolve I tried every Lucas before it got banned I ate cheesy crickets from a hot dog stand Take me back to Friday night faps I only want the toons, fuck friends
Opened doors, sheltered minds I don't care if you're nice, you're the reason we're in this I don't care if you're family either, more of a reason for me to be ashamed Being asked to wear a mask is not treading on your fucking rights Ironically enough, most of the idiots dying are from your cloth I'll buy Ivermectin for any asshole that wants it and I hope you fucking go blind Cherry picking orange fat face Choke on my dick and die
3AM, tummy beckons your attention More than a store, it's another dimension 7/11 holds the key to your hungies Lightning fast I rummage through the chippy section I stop and pause as I pass by their yum confections (mmmmm) Finally, prepackaged microwaveable burritos But when I get there, THERE'S NO MORE BEAN AND CHEESE?!?! RAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH "FUCKING BURN THE STORE DOWN THEN MAN" I looked down and saw the convenience prophet "DRINK ME AND GAIN THE STRENGTH OF THE SLURPEE GODS YOU PLEBEIAN" I chugged and raged and ravaged through a varied selection of candy and nuts I love 7/11 but hate their night-shift employees Please restock the fucking store
I'm a darn tough lad, fucking censorship You can't censor me, I like anarchy Marching forward marks, marching forward, march Putting bullseye marks on all the politics Been suppressed my whole life White suburbia was rough Flex my scrawny legs as I slamdance right Into your face with my heel Fuckin' right I front that fuckin' band If I talk like this am I fuckin' tuff? If I dress like this am I fuckin' tuff? "Nah, high school was for posers so I dropped out bro So I got 42 tattoos and started eight bands"
Toss and turn 'neath the sheets, but not from sex Lava guts Messed around and had dinner way too late again
And I wanna see him cast as The Riddler before we all die I wanna see it
Through with wandering, he strikes as they sleep, robbing them of life and shelter As Ted bunks down the images of her still plague his thoughts as a constant Lily never leaves! We think we move on, but we know we don't "I can't sleep, she'll never leave.. she'll never love me"
Rituals commence as we open the tuna Glares from the box where the kingdom sits Meownificent opus of furry heathens Throw up on the carpet Vomit forth! Summon more! They aren't listening! Witness the most fierce of poop faces Staring straight into your soul Doody drop is complete I left it uncovered for you to marvel
You left me, I sat there, my eyes cried I was alone for so long, I had to move on You broke my fucking heart in more than two pieces Now I can't even enjoy my favorite snacks If I could take it all back, I'd say suck my whoop I feel like shitty shit, and I'm all busted up You ruined everything, none of this is my fault I can't shoulder the blame if I'm perfect You just suck You crapped on my heart Now it's brown and stinky Acrid taste in my mouth from our last kiss I actually just forgot to brush but I want to blame you still I'm never gonna get over this I spent my last check on removing your name from my hipbone
"Let's order some pizza! Doppio pepperoni from Joe's!" Grinding of gears and screaming the orders, he zones, stares at the hook as it mixes the dough and kneads Pizza time! Who's ready for pizza time? (me!) Pizza time! Mushrooms on there (yeah!) Spinach boy (ooo) Maybe we'll do some buffalo chicken? (chickens) Pizza time! Who's ready for pizza time? (oh no!) Pizza time! Too many orders (can't keep up!) But Joe won't quit (needs that skrill) Smoke more skooma (pspspsps) He just can't stand to see you leave unhappy Joe Marinara hooked it up with some breadsticks Extra dipping sauce, too A true hero amongst mortal men


Sidestepping out of our video game adventure for grindier action.

An assortment of satire, product placement, service industry grievances, a lot of blasting, and more. Pizza time.


released November 19, 2021

CF - Vocals, Lyrics
GB - Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming, Backing Vocals, Sampling, Production

Mel - Backing line on 9
Glitzy - Meows on 14

All songs written, recorded, and produced from September 2 - 19, 2021.

Album Cover Piece by nishrox





Cara Neir Dallas

est. 2008 arlington, tx.

chris francis
garry brents

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