Perpetual Despair is the Human Condition

by Cara Neir

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children born of the absu awaiting the electric atomic tide
children born of the absu awaiting the electric atomic tide thumbnail
children born of the absu awaiting the electric atomic tide cant wait for this I LOVE cara so much and the artwork is so Phanstasm (70s horror for the younger folk) Oh yeah I bought the shirt to and this had better be the purple one or there will be hell to pay, hahaha jk
Matthew Rukgaber
Matthew Rukgaber thumbnail
Matthew Rukgaber I am just getting into Cara Neir. Black metal? Punk? Post-rock? Grind? I guess it doesn't matter. Although I do not listen to a lot of music like this, I like the many progressive, melodic, and moody aspects. One of the better extreme metal releases of 2016 in my opinion. I think of it as Nasum + Mogwai + Ulver...and it starts to make sense! Favorite track: Trials of the Lost.
Isaac thumbnail
Isaac I fucking love this album. I love the blend of genres from punk to black metal it all works well together. This is my go to when I need a boost to get me through the work day. I also gotta support the Texas boys! Favorite track: Spiteful Universe.
XuL//Excelsi thumbnail
XuL//Excelsi In a year that's seen dizzying new heights for metal as a whole, this is the pinnacle. The bombastic warpspeed drums and soaring guitars of 'Spiteful Universe', the furious black metal assault of 'Bound by Believers', all delivered with maniacal-cum-tragic desperation. The second half of the album is Cara Neir at their most adventurous and interesting. Replete with vocals(and lyrics) that could strip paint. This album is a fucking drug. Favorite track: Bound by Believers.
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Released on Broken Limbs Recordings.

All songs recorded, mixed, and mastered by Garry Brents.

Most of the album was written and simultaneously recorded in January/February 2013. Final touches and vocals written and recorded between November 2014 and June 2015.


released October 14, 2016

Chris Francis - Vocals, Lyrics
Garry Brents - Instruments, Backing Vocals

Jon Rosenthal: Backing Vocals (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8)
Val: Backing Vocals (1, 8)
Drew W.B.: Backing Vocals (1, 2, 5, 8)
Andy Curtis-Brignell: Backing Vocals (6)
Chelsea Anderson: Piano Outro (3)

Nate Burns




Cara Neir Dallas

est. 2008 arlington, tx.

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Track Name: Spiteful Universe
Plaguebearer, deceiver, constructive abortionist; I want this to decimate your every being
The smell alone reeks of dependence on top of desperation
I can only take so much of this. I suppose I'll start now
Broke it down another dozen times this year, twice as much as last
I remember the night like it was last. What kind of man am I now?
The darkest chapter of our life starts and ends with it, so naturally we embrace
What kind of man am I now...
You take my sacrifice and burn it with the rest, while all of the unwanted vultures pick through the ashes
The Queen scoffs, plowing through our town in search of yet another
"Where do they sleep...?"
Sold by the notion that if we do everything right, we're not given to Death in our dreams
And naturally, we embrace...
If I am to speak again, you will learn
Track Name: Normalcy
Doped up slaves sit at tables of stone
Broken souls no longer free to roam
Stapled to our walls of Trimjrtle
"Humans! Nothing is left for you here! These are now forbidden grounds. Forfeit your fathers."
Stolen lot of flesh and bone brought to revelations
People of Earth live to serve what they fear aeons away in foreign worlds
Master-race inhabitants from the otherworld nip at our brains, searching for the primates to relay
And fake the signal
We will drain your precious planet of its resources
We can swallow you whole
We will destroy everything on Earth
"Sap these fools for the sins and unreasonably wasteful existence."
Track Name: Pushing Failure
What does chaos really sound like?
What are these formations under my skin?
Drones under those helmets
Waking up to amoebas
The entire block ablaze for show
Kicked off the line for the numbers
After they restock, the cuts will continue
Track Name: Bound by Believers
Plague-ridden Old World to which we've isolated; recluse life for Our Lord's acceptance
Superior Order written to benefit the whole, and so our leaders coded within
Divided through most extreme tradition, cycles of sorrow remain unspoken
And buried inside of us all are horrors that stagger and persist
They still don't know...
Soiled undergarments beset my sister, dark and alone in her room
Crimson adorns her bedsheets along the rigid frame
Young and old all about town bear unspeakable nightmares
Nobody is here to step forward; there is no villain to come forth and confess
Forgotten any true authority, so we act on our own
I don't want to forgive. I want to taste the sin
Lynch the wretched
Poison their fields
Just make it so
Bring the bastards forth, willing or not
Track Name: Window to the Void
Hands worn down 'till no feelings left in my fingers
Stealing air from others to rid myself the stench of dormancy
Not one single window will line the back of this hearse
Lying black and blue in bed
Starting again soon - welcome parallel universes in my sleep
Holding myself hostage
To standards I can't uphold
Drowned in all my fucking faults
Bleed myself of all warmth
To remain one with the cold
Soul worn down to nil
Inaudible gasps and unique last minute ideas
Don't let yourself go
Soul worn down to nil
Don't ever let yourself go
Track Name: Trials of the Lost
Blast-doors protect no life
No shells left, wishing for a cigarette to light
Planes dip overhead, knowing what comes next makes it worse
Bow to the distance as I witness the mammoth disperse
Char on my legs, or could it be blood
As pitch black as it comes
Ashes where I thought bodies...
Candlelight from distant windows are luring, trust not
No hope
No hope
Flesh bubbles and soaks in the mire
Sunlight dimming, killing all human desire
Beckons the last wave of death
Broken they talk, and lost are the souls from the nest
No hope
Track Name: For You
Swimming through thoughts to find you again
Branded before discarded her collection is
Stagnant and rotten her affection is
Problem drunk, and loose pages found astray
Dreams consume me and ground further away from this world
But shelled in with you, things are strangely sublime
The white coats, the starched front
I am a blunt knife to your butcher's steel and if you care enough..
Alas, I'm cast away from you again
You're gone, and the hollow of my head has sunken in
I only desire your attention
And if you care enough, we could mend these worthless hearts of ours..
Track Name: Chapter I: Coastline Black
I don my mask in the barn where the proxy lies stone, my fingers they trace
The sun sparks high to the west bringing the light through every crack throughout
First incision brings forth blood, though the mission's thirst for tears must be quenched
Mud sloshes up through his toes while dry hands pry at soft skin
Darting eyes briefly capture a glimpse of the light before the darkness encapsulates
Poking from the throat, through the gash, her adam's apple, tender and ripe
So I just whisper to her
And I know this is wrong. I know it's all wrong. Left that night. Twelve years later and now I know I can't move on
All I do now is take the apples from the orphans, because I know it's wrong
All I do now is take the apples from the orphans, because I fucking hate them
Spring returns with promise but nothing blooms
Winter spays, leaving death and black clouds to reign
Everything smells like her
Noted are the calenders that he kept
And the bobby pins once cradled by silken hair
And out there in the yard, holes that came from nowhere
He did not look down
He only closed his eyes and pitched himself into one
"He threw himself into blank holes"