Split with Ramlord

by Cara Neir



limited cassettes on Broken Limbs Recordings.


released June 11, 2012

Artwork by Kathryn McCrunkless

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Garry Brents (GAB Recordings) from January to February 2012.

Family Dirge:
Dorian Rainwater (Guitars, Backing Vox)
Chris Francis (Lead Vocals, Lyrics)
Garry Brents (Bass, Drum Programming, Keys, Backing Vox)

Cradled by Apathy:
Chris Francis (Lead Vocals, Lyrics)
Garry Brents (Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming, Backing Vox)
Drew W.B. (Backing Vox)

Wilted Blue:
Dorian Rainwater (Backing Vox)
Chris Francis (Lead Vocals, Lyrics)
Garry Brents (Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming, Backing Vox)




Cara Neir Dallas

est. 2008 arlington, tx.

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Track Name: Family Dirge
Pain pushes us forward
Playing with rotten spunk of faceless bodies as power punishes
Fly into these gutters so full of our father's remains
I've found a reason to burn this house teeming with my family's sin
As worms seep through this land take him and breed him to the spores
Wielding blasphemy at my fingertips
I masturbate at the pinnacle of another earthly fissure
Track Name: Cradled by Apathy
Sickened by myself
Obsessed, obsessed with change and full of rage
You can't come back from this
Breaking free only to be shackled again
You can't break glass I can only destroy myself, there is no repair
No free pass to return from mere shit
Build the tower again
Their networks reprogrammed put this one in stalemate
Spread out like a scroll, on the floor are emotionless tumors waiting to leech
My victory can never last long, the powers that bind won't allow
My shadows suffocate my light, and soon become imperceivable
In my abdomen I feel shame take over and my knees weak, I collapse
There is nobody to stand with me now
I'm starting to die
(free me)
Track Name: Wilted Blue
Slowly, I pull the pieces away from her hands... not to put them back together, but to show that I have full control
Only my point isn't made, it's treated like an April Fool's joke
Her heart is towered by leagues of plagued intentions
Bits of shattered obsidian they appear to me as I see through them into her slimy eyes
Discovering worlds, fleeting thoughts, and improvised emotion, she pulls away
We're fighting again while I float through her ethereal darkness
Words are sewn into my skin as it rips and bleeds, for the last time I feel real as I'm showered by evil
When I was chosen by you in the killing fields, I fell in love