Sublimation Therapy EP

by Cara Neir



"Cara Neir have gone to the grind and powerviolence spectrum of things this time around. Sublimation is a seventeen song EP and Cara Neir pay homage to bands such as Iron Lung, Napalm Death, Dropdead, and Graf Orlock on their latest EP. Overall, Cara Neir blaze through these seventeen songs in a little over 22 minutes. Another great release." -

"I rather enjoy how each song is now a quick, ruthless strike at my musical sensibilities. This band’s music is an enjoyable challenge to my taste the way extreme metal used to be, in that, if I was ever taken aback by something it made me reassess whether there was something I wasn’t getting because I just didn’t have the correct frame of reference. On “Drink the Rot” and “It Started in the Silo” you’ll get your fix of bouncy hardcore punk and “Stained Bedsheets”, whether it intends to or not, sounds delightfully like Darkthrone‘s “In The Shadow of the Horns” before developing into a nice gallop." -

"In past releases, Cara Neir has always displayed their variety in songwriting, this new EP doesn't do that so much, instead of showing you the wide variety of which the band can maneuver through in a single track, they intend to overwhelm you with as much brutality as they can. This is by far the most grindcore based the band have ever been, with only one song actually going over the three minute mark. With that being said, this is easily among the best grind I've heard all year, which goes back to my second statement of why I really like the band, the songs. Even though several tracks on here don't even cross a minute in length, the riffs actually stick with you.." -

"Swinging between harsh screams, guttural roars and even the occasional punk-sounding vocal riff, Cara Neir straddles multiple genres whilst sounding defiantly unique. Musically they sway between furious hard-edged grind and blackened crust yet they also throw in a dastardly swagger during ‘Stained Bedsheets’...The short and desperately unsweet track times cling to the subconscious with a dirty grip, hooks will no doubt be lodged in your brain for days on end, ‘You Are Missed’ flying with cruel and caustic pleasure whilst holding onto a cleverly hidden melody." -


released August 14, 2012

Chris Francis - vocals, lyrics (except track 1)
Garry Brents - guitars (7-17), bass, drum programming, backing vocals, and samples

Dorian Rainwater - session guitars (1-6), lyrics (track 1)
Rachel James - backing vocals on 8, 10, 12, and 15

EP recorded, mixed, and mastered by Garry Brents from February to May 2012. Fuck the loudness war.




Cara Neir Dallas

est. 2008 arlington, tx.

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Track Name: Scientific Rebirth
preconceived notions, the root of desire
traveling back and fro the width of time
inoculating, senses reel.

the genome perplexed
dematerialized by
embryotic geriatrics
obstetric terror
and deja vulture.

test tubes reincremated for knowledge
broken glass refragmented.

DNA tree of death
bone marrow
sparrow pecks and gnaws.
Track Name: Fearless Transfixion of the Devil
stomp the heads, your fathers have raped doctrines again

dissolve and conquer through which their mold is made
it's made with a child's unknowing kind heart

running into the wall! touching me!
running into the wall! burning me!
Track Name: Skip the Next House
as my neighbors are dying i'm biting deeper into my nails

joy is a fleeting thing of the past
family memories, red the color floods the picture, deadly breakfast is here, my friend
Track Name: Son's Lament
take you, shake you since I can't hate you
tape you, fuck you as my name reads to you the discarded prayers I stole from your lips last night;
the precious look on your face when you gave up the fight

your flesh isn't cold when I sneak a kiss, even as I turn off the lamp
and your tits don't look right at this angle so I took a knife to them, I'm sorry

you have done nothing wrong, I am just so wrong

he forgets what world he's on when he comes home to what she's done
his only son left to rot! pray with us now as we scorn the skies
Track Name: Make Room for More
priceless heirloom has been stolen, blanketed with a vile secretion
who can save us from the infestation...
atop winged pillars a weight has been lifted!
fur stacked three deep go through days unseen underneath
at the flick of a life they come seemingly... infinitely
genius in its own mind, a nasty fuck to most
still they wipe the urban error from the streets so fast it's blood and dust
Track Name: It Started in the Silo
the worms feast as they writhe
spying on the enemy to retrieve a fleshy sample for dirt queen

black lungs destroy the entire human race whilst worms retain form

slapped with disease below dimpled clouds
the orphans cry tears of mud so their rain can't rinse me
perhaps it hurts me - worms me
Track Name: Drink the Rot
"do me this favor kid while we rip off her clothes
take this toxic liquid substance and stuff it up her nose
don't be shy you little shit you have to become one!"

fuck this farce it's time I seize my knife
rescuing isn't enough

the quenching lust is ripe
no sacrifices have been made no no no punishment is delayed

"do me this favor kid while we rip off her clothes
take this toxic liquid substance and stuff it up her nose
don't be shy you little shit you have to become one!"

twisting necks - contort limbs - now throw him off the tower
Track Name: Prudent Oath
bring on the new age
ruptures forth a consistent breed
with space traversed all life was found - nothing impossible
away with worthless morals and destructive religions
bring on the new age
Track Name: Synthetic Onslaught
armored class 6 furbie-mech programmed to plow through human flesh
santa brings the children instructions on how to deploy death
conservative cats licking their righteous walls of stagnant hallucinogens
this doesn't stop it means nothing to people picking up forgotten eats
restricting the freedom by knifing the trachea explains our sanity's loins
wait no this is a paper shredder deluxe edition homage migraine
Track Name: Furempire
the more you reduce them the closer they come to bringing down these fucking walls
just pet and cuddle amongst yourselves

the corner they sit and fucking wait
they can sense your every blow they know what's being done to them
man's best friend creates an army of cats and dogs
Track Name: Pale Spots
pincushion lungs every breath you take kills you more
mutilation and contempt following your orders must be done
Track Name: Stained Bedsheets
They pick up the scent
Your life is fleeting from you
Visions of horror, knees of deceit
Transparent realm of gorgeous spines
A post-poning of death only to prolong my fate
Massaging stones invoke the vengeful one, speaking to me and only me
Resting in my tender flesh
Nightmares of hell, have I obtained you from sleep?
This wicked torment has had me gritting my teeth
Track Name: Tactful Annihilation
steel crashes down onto the pretty blonde's entertainment center
she hastily thinks and as she runs into the streets she's targeted for termination
"extermination of all living organisms"
world forces not present, your god not present, a perceivable reality no more
Track Name: You Are Missed
past-times of lighting fire under every new night's sky
rituals perpetuate our burning question as to "why"
now firmly rooted you are but one branch on a tree of co-existence
raising all but one - the bitch you serve - she is simply co-dependent
bartering away your last breath if only to bring finality
never a second to watch your blood flourish
always appeasing the court's corrupted service
Track Name: League of Scales
another lost
plunged into oceanic depths
hopeless sack of bones, terror surmounted, paralytic shock becomes the enabler
the draining schools of fatigue
tying twine around, binding this human down
feast upon this body now
Track Name: Bottom Feeder
jumped the gun now you're in debt again
child support creature rears its ugly head
rent your house to lowly peasants
feed their elders tasty cat food
I'm a lowwwlifeeee
Track Name: Sturdy Belief in Flimsy Gods
floating minds connect in the yards once again and they say "he's not going to make it"
open up the bottle look inside and see your life
a line of soldiers in your nose fighting a battle of ignorance
they say they're so sorry, that this won't happen again
some kind of cleansing so vicious, baking in an oven
restraints nailed into your wrists but they aren't forcing anything
chants fronted from your precursor, stapled into the mouths of all these fools
fabricated like the cross you wear on your chest