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Phase Out

by Cara Neir

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VUKARI All of the best things to happen sonically meet here. It makes most other music seem very tiny.
Bug Boy
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Bug Boy This album took me by complete surprise, and I love it. A fantastic fusion of 8-bit chiptune, black metal, post-black, and grind elements. The closest comparison to the style of this album is probably Gonemage. Both excellent bands; both doing some fantastic, really original music in the genre.
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trainh13 Despite it's eclectic nature and syncretic tendencies this project is decidedly cohesive. Every time I listen to it I run a gamut of emotions and end up playing Terraria with no idea how I got there. Weird. Favorite track: Floodgates of Doom.
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ROTTEN FOOLS ROTTEN FOOLS, ALL THESE ROTTEN FOOLS, NOTHING INSIDE. GREET THE ABYSS THAT AWAITS YOU. Nothing but Trimjrtle matters anymore. I'll claim the debts of all, but first these two peculiar scum. Lay waste to the base of all vehement slugs. Spared you fools over a decade ago. And that was all on me. I take the blame, it was my mistake. You've shape-shifted, changed sounds, traversed the bends. I've kept you under, lock and key. Sworn to die, before you conquer me. And now, you'll play the clock until you bleed.
(alien noises@!$#?) This is something that we aren't equipped for. We should have spent more time in Vanguard. I don't think that this is our swan song, we just hit a checkpoint before this. I'm pretty sure we have to FUCK this guy up. Stuck inside this dungeon crawler... Level 2 and it's already much harder. Way outside of our element in here. FUUUUCK I DIED AGAIN. This is why I moved away from RPG titles. I also really love a challenge though and we have the advantage of two so I think we got this shit. I really hope we blast off. I really hope we escape. We need this energy ball much longer until it's recharged?
Narrowly escaping total damnation. Hey, that's what it takes to beat this game. Look, there's a fork in the road. I don't know where we should go. Look, there's a castle or two. Oh, and there's a fucking moat. WATCH OUT FOR THE GATOR BATS. DON'T OPEN THE TREASURE CHEST. We'll tread lightly. No opening of chests. Look, over there! I see a couple of swords... TWO SWORDS, TWO SWORDS! It's a trick, we know. TWO SWORDS, TWO SWORDS! It's a trick, let's go. Whew, glad we didn't fall for that one. I mean, two shining swords, like, with our names on them. Too good to be true. Oh, but we did pick up those pouches... Carry our torches and our pouches of dust that keeps us alive. Running circles, we can't remember how to die. WATCH OUT FOR THE LIGHTNING AXE. FALLING FROM THE SKY. TWO SWORDS, TWO SWORDS! It's a trick, we know. TWO SWORDS, TWO SWORDS! It's a trick, let's go.
Valkyrie 03:39 video
Phase out their dreams. You two are weak. Open the portals! Blast! Killshot! Blast! Killshot! The presence of more, the grisly mirage of a simple submit. Best of all, the extermination of humankind! Blast! Killshot! Blast! Killshot! A domino effect now! "To all of my people, I am better off now. Please, do not write and do not come. I am not available. I am not here at all."
Rip and tear! Open up the fucking doors! “They aren’t doors”. Open the tunnels, I don’t care. Flood gates when we swarm this fucking room. It’s the time, it’s the time, it’s the time! We have the armor. We have the weapons. “We’ve had ‘em”. Every piece.. “We’re so close to the results screen, these fucking mid-game boss battles with these crippling waves of enemies that they just spawn at you and keep throttling forward while you’re supposed to fight the boss somehow”. Every piece of the set we’ve got it. And we’re absolutely ready. No time for an early game. No time for dying. So close to the results screen! We’ll have to rappel down the clouds to the finish!
Little time to relax, no aliens around so we should re-up head to Pelican Town. Spring time is here abound, so them Parsnip babies gonna be in the ground. Yea yea. The doctor's a fucking prick, and a bit funny without being witty. A good distraction from this phase out thing. Ooof they're coming back. Prepare the attack.
The humans, they outwit. Fuck this, Phase Six. Call in another outfit. These fucking humans I have had enough of. No sense in retreat now. Keep the pressure on them, these two will fall hard. Chased across planets, their band must stop. Destroy all humans! Blot out their skies, deplete their lands, destroy these men.
Borderworlds of Gnax, barely made it through the shards. We're here in enemy lands. Slipping through slushy subnautical hands unforeseen. A world of ice, crystals, and souls. What a peculiar place for us to finally meet. Beautiful elements of fire, you must be the key! Equip your arms and set your hotkeys, victory is within reach! We'll melt this world and use it for our escape. Borderworlds of Gnax, barely made it to these lands. Controlled by hateful spectres and forever present vehemence. Our pouches all flowing with forces and pulsing with armor abundant. Separate the ways that split to conquer this floor and flood the next. Acquiring tinder of marvel and splendor, this will light the fire. Preparing ourselves for structures of escape and answers... The horde stays ready behind the waterfalls.
The clock, where does it stop? The Paths, they never end. The cause, is unknown to us. And when we've bested your leader, what's next to expect? Final stage! But the walls are all bleeding now? I don't know, dude. This is all wrong. It was never right but this feels like a setup. Have you seen the glyphs on your staff? There's a hearth in this room, but for why? Pentagrams on the walls, hexes drifting through our ears. Pushed into doom when he's brought into view. We're strapped to the teeth and ready for war. The torches are out, we don't have more. Your spells are waning because of his force. As my strength fails to blunt any advance. This was beyond anything we thought. We'll fight until we die! Though, I don't know if this is doable. The lights blind all who spectate as the skies around us glow. Tremors from the ground as we pummel The One From Trimjrtle. This is the last, this is it! STRIKE HIM DOWN! We've --


This album is about us being warped into a 8-bit video game dimension by a sinister alien entity [origins latently go back as far as our first release Part I/Part II]. In this album, this entity is now highlighted as the grand antagonist phasing us out into fantastical RPG-like depictions of ourselves traversing different songs as game levels for his morbid amusement and us trying to beat them to escape.

The listener will experience a range of bits, bleeps, beats, and buzzing sounds you might hear from 90's dungeon crawlers and JRPG's, all sprinkled within our shape-shifting genre-bending hysteria. Enjoy the ride.

Summary Lore:

"In an endless sea of stars, lurking beneath the first veil of our universe, an interdimensional being known as The One From Trimjrtle has resurfaced. He has been known to meddle with the lives of countless beings for thousands of years, a devious dabble benign to some while demonstrably baneful to others. Many suffer as victims and pawns for his cosmically warped amusement as he plucks them out of their reality and into a perilous video game dimension within the mysterious universe of GNAX. However, these pernicious deeds fail to fully satisfy as no contestant has ever lived long enough to complete the trials of his sinister game. His decade-long, ineradicable fixation on us could very well scratch the itch! With malicious resourcefulness, he reboots a forbidden handheld device, the RPGBOY, and phases us into complete and utter digital bits, jolted into treacherous adventure. Unlike previous contestants, the RPGBOY has a profound effect on us as a band and bestows skills & powers we’ve never known before..But how far will this take us?

As the humans form a resistance, The One from Trimjrtle seeks alternative, volatile means of destroying
the duo in order to advance on the remaining human race; a legion of deadly and calculated
cosmic monstrosities await his command. The One first enlists the help of his frontline
defenses, two subservient soldiers named Valkyrie and Maestro Infernus...”


released February 2, 2021

All songs written, recorded, and engineered from June - November 2020.

CHRIS: Vocals, Lyrics (minus track 3),Synth/Beat Interludes at the end of both track 4 and 8.
GARRY: Guitars, Bass, Drums, Synths, Backing Vocals, 8-Bit Speech, Sampling, Lead Vocals & Lyrics on track 3, Production, Logo & Layout.

Pixel Cover Art:
Gerardo Quiroz (

CD Booklet pieces:
Anime Key Art by Gamdan Yunizar (
Pixel Gate Scene by Creative_Ed (
Inventory Art by Voidfruit (
Booklet Sprites: Penzilla (
CD Case Insert Monsters: DigTrash (

Track-by-track commentary:


Interview #2 (Italian):

"...sweeping black metal epics transposed down onto a NES sound palette." – The Quietus

"Phase Out overflows with creativity..." – Invisible Oranges

" of the oddest metal records you’ll hear this year." – SPIN

"Black metal is for video game nerds ... but each track does feel like a new level to beat up some baddies, side-scroller style." – Viking's Choice

"...heavy metal at its very best: epic storytelling music, wielding shards of extreme and underground and arthouse genres as paints on the palette..." – Heavy Consequence

"..this album is an amalgamation in equal parts of vastly different influences...masterfully written and performed" – Cave Dweller

Pixel Animations of each song in a playlist:




Cara Neir Dallas

est. 2008 arlington, tx.

chris francis
garry brents

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