Split with Venowl

by Cara Neir

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Matthew Rukgaber
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Matthew Rukgaber The first track is grindy. The second track is a sort of indie interlude. The third track is a bit of spacey, blackened, crusty noise. Always changing, never changing, nothing changes. (Yes, that is Forbidden "Twisted into Form" reference.) Favorite track: Aeonian Temple.
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MetalMartin Looking for some original and inspired metal? Want to hear something refreshing and not by the numers? Try them out!! Their full discog is offered on Bandcamp at a super low price, it's a steal. Offer them more than they ask, you won't regret it. Not a huge risk. Check out a recent review ((Sept. 206) on Angry Metal Guy: www.angrymetalguy.com/cara-neirwildspeaker-guilt-reflection-split-review/

Your decesion is gonna be easy. \m/
Atmospheric Black Metal Cat
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Atmospheric Black Metal Cat These guys just keep churning great stuff out Favorite track: Pitiful Human Bindings.
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brantly Within these 3 short songs Cara Neir manage to defy an easy black metal label by incorporating everything from Moss Icon to Burzum to a short post-rock vignette on, 'Nights,'. Always a great band, and this brief split is as good as their other work. Favorite track: Pitiful Human Bindings.


Cassette Released on Broken Limbs Recordings


released October 14, 2014

Chris Francis - Vocals, Lyrics
Garry Brents - guitars, bass, drum programming, backing vocals

Written and Self-Produced from August - December 2012

Cover Art by Derek Setzer (dereksetzer.com)




Cara Neir Dallas

est. 2008 arlington, tx.

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Track Name: Aeonian Temple
Off course to uncharted decimation, unspoken blue creations
Hope to clash concordantly but all ships and crew laugh absurdly
I'm hoping for the best... this expedition cost too much
I'm drugged by these findings, well, the life we stumbled across
Spilling out of my ink jar, throttled into a dark void; amputating the limbs of progress
This is where my feet spiral into a thin, rope-like form
And shoot me down into blank holes...
Track Name: Nights...
I'm not home, never was. I find myself in eternal pause
Speak to me so I can know we're connected
All I see, all I see is shrouded in stitch
My hands can't, my hands can't complete enough for us
More I seek, I seek to please you most
In the clouds I'm stuck inside sky's sill
Never down, I'm sure you hate me still
Wake up my dreams, wake up my dreams I cannot breathe
Wake up my dreams, wake up my dreams I cannot sleep
Track Name: Pitiful Human Bindings
Open your eyes
Watch before you
Speak nothing
Sift through her flesh and hack up her star
"She's nothing to me now... why am I waiting?"
Where do they eat?
From the trough marked by the painted stones
Who are they?
Keepers of our own deities
Snowstorms cloak their ways
Here they land; space rays of death cleanse Earth
Here they feed; bellies full of acids
This is our trip into the future, too dead to carry on
Step down from the tower so new grains can be opened