Stagnant Perceptions

by Cara Neir

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Matthew Rukgaber
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Matthew Rukgaber This seems like the album where Cara Neir first really started to find their style. I picked track 2 as my favorite because there is some killer Voivod-esque riffing going on in it. In fact all the songs have a sort blackened punk, speed metal vibe that reminds me of the first two Voivod records. I know that Cara Neir is, in many ways, fairly far removed from "War and Pain" and "Rrroooaaarrr"--but still, that is what it reminds me of. Favorite track: Return to Torquemada.
Truman James
Truman James thumbnail
Truman James This band was introduced to me as a lovechild between Deafheaven & Converge. While I think Cara Neir brings much much more than just that to the table, I think that is an accurate place to start. Favorite track: The Bridge of Despise.
Atmospheric Black Metal Cat
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Atmospheric Black Metal Cat Cara Neir totally defies categorization. There is definite black metal influence , which is why I am on board , but their music is a Frankenstein monster of black metal.. Each body part dug up from a different metal graveyard, and masterfully stitched to the host . Favorite track: The Apothecary.
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All music written, recorded, and produced by Garry Brents. All lyrics written by Chris Francis. March 2010 to July 2011.


released November 11, 2011

Chris Francis - vocals, lyrics
Garry Brents - guitars, bass, drum programming; backing vocals on 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 11.

Rachel - backing vox on 1, 4, 5, 8, and 11
Dorian Rainwater - backing vox on 3, 4, and 5. guitar leads on 4 and 5. bridge solo on 5.

Sophie Penrose




Cara Neir Dallas

est. 2008 arlington, tx.

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Track Name: Imperialist Design
A design with immortality in mind
This deceitful ploy of mine
Let the algorithm enslave you and betray the resistance
Will you succumb?
Recanting my vision of kindness
The dynasty crumbles fast
Boycott the lies of the Gods to sear the truth into those
Track Name: Return to Torquemada
Jump it's the last ride out of here
Caught a train been on the tracks since when
Rods in place, hiding from the fatigue
Please don't catch, I need a drink to fall back on
Ride beside your kind and die
Ride alongside withered minds
It's not enough to love; you've got to die alone
Hold the fort, it's a siege!
Been on the tracks since the break of dawn but I can't come to
I am saved! I am saved!
Track Name: Two-faced and Tight-lipped
"Destroy their base then drag on"
And our own men shot upon us! Uaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!?!?!?! With straight faces!?
So we're going to absolutely kill them once they come back and try to finish us off, yeah fuckin' right
Not in a million years are those jerkoffs gonna get away with this
Track Name: Dethroned and Leprous
Bitter... bitter ideas that twist my concept of faith
Breach through a life already so taint
sins cut forth from a skin so tender
The abyss stares back into the youth, so that
he becomes black nothing
Track Name: The Bridge of Despise
A burning of books, a collapse of words
The worst has yet to come
A dominant form unknown to us rising
Factions from new wounds act once, then we're crushed under foot
"I can breathe air, I can smell lies, I hear all sounds just like you
The difference lies in the bridge lined with despise"
Worming their way into our every day life, the difference lies in the bridge lined
Despite our greatest efforts and lies, a difference lies in the bridge lined
Fight the water that's left by the flies, they stem from the bridge of despise
Track Name: Amaranthine Figures
You won't see their ways but you will feel the flinching hour as the cosmic power sears through your brain and to another realm
They seek the wanted ones who possess another way
They come from another life from another tomb to take control of our ways
Demands from species unknown were met for bartered mercy
See that you cannot stop this, and learn how weak you are
You won't see their ways but you will feel the flinching hour as the cosmic power sears through your brain and to another realm
They seek, they wait.. then feed upon my family
Scouring every little piece of flesh off my bones
But I won't die. I won't die
Sink deep inside
This curtain, this shell, this rotten comfort is my escape
I see now why we weren't meant to lead
I see now why all things must die. Humans first - head in first
Track Name: Temporal Realm
Criminal minds don't think alike I traded mine in for this wasted high
I can't see the windows fogged obscured the path ahead
Alone on this prairie I can smell the stench of what's in front
Prepare my body for what's in front
The beautiful white gleaming sensation once desired
I seek another way... off this plane
Track Name: The Apothecary
Killing the demons, a typical spell
Proportions of death in time I will tell
Running the gamut this hell has begun and with it I fall
Telepathy wins all!
Telepathy wins all!
Senseless devotions, your soul is mine
worth nothing to no one your world is benign
If given the chance, if given the smarts
I'd climb down your throat and rip you apart
So we begin
Omega storm!
Omega storm!
Enchant their rights!
Enchant their rights!
Track Name: Limitless Drift
Believe what you pay for, 's what they say
But tomorrow I will bring proof that life still exists (outside of this shell)
I can view the solemn grow, where they keep the bloodstones, and they torture
Certain visions of my new castle hidden 'neath a mound of ashes
They all coveted a cycle of past plagues
Real death is what I'm searching for tonight
Reaching out for new life
Beneath my feet, an area that seems fit for sleeping
Track Name: My Apology
Sorry for those awful things I did. Staring into the sun, I'll try to take them back
Turns out I don't even exist anymore
Beast of nocturnal beatings, I am
Bearing scars from another one
While I battle my own twisted thoughts,
I watch their actions take on godless forms
"Kill the young, steal their goods before they swarm
Shatter doors, break their soul and reap reward"
I cannot see this night ending well
There is no order and all else is in hell
Beast of nocturnal beatings
Brings forth light to the nether one
Bleed, bleed, bleed!
Bleed for the right reasons
Plant your teeth into the needs of those
The only way I can replenish myself (A pure nothing... Pure...)
Track Name: Not Enough
Another stray has been estranged. Another broken one bows to forces of war
Wreckless bodies become ashes and one with our ground while I suffocate
Pour sanguine waxes on top of their corpses
Diminish their lifelines, extinguish the torches
"What are those goddamn bottles for?" The wretched witchblood at our door!"
We see greed! We see greed
And the evil comes through
Before the archangels saw that she was a goddamn whore,
I poisoned them all. I poisoned them all.
I killed the village for her. I left the planet for her
Destroyed myself for nothing and burned as a burden of Earth