The Overwatch EP

by Cara Neir



All Songs Written by Cara Neir from March - April 2013.
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Garry Brents from various dates in March 2013 - February 2014

Art by Pedro Felipe (


released March 18, 2014

Chris Francis - Vocals, Lyrics
Garry Brents - Instruments, Backing Vocals, Samples




Cara Neir Dallas

est. 2008 arlington, tx.

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Track Name: Glorious Genocide
Thrill-seeking, rotgut bigot
A gambling soul alluring to only the greyest of immoral seepage
Was there ever good in you to begin with?
Your transgressions cannot be undone
Every sin will continue to bind you,
You are not free in any earthly sense
Track Name: Combine Desecration
Through the White Forest, Alyx and I, we stumbled into the sawmill not knowing the Combine had
been, and mowed everybody down without hesitation
Hours later we arrive to scraps left, forgotten and a few headcrab shells
This, you see, is a silent war against an ugly force who've studied us for centuries
Until we enabled the resonance cascade it was only us
Nihilistic creatures foreboding our desires
Track Name: Tales of Lust and Pain
How unpleasant one must be to have these thorns growing from the skin
Imagine two individuals with this hideous affliction, though spry with life
A single cohesive thought cannot be retained
Nor can either grasp the curse of their disease
Twin sets of amber hair skirt the neck while my knees are taxed
Eight minutes pass until I'm shirtless, bound by wire, and at mercy of the rats
We are alive, we are alive, we are alive!
Before I could even see their eyes turn red I caught myself thinking "this could be worth it, it might be
Track Name: Departure Point: Eta Carinae
And so the mites were spread by the breeze into the districts
Eight-hundred thoughtless bodies all moving in unison can't be wrong
Secreting a most twisted strand of DNA into the brain
While us humans were pumped full of this.. some kind of.. headjuice
Where nobody remembers who you are or what's going on
And nobody acts remotely human; mashing bloody rocks with toothless gums
Track Name: Dendrite Stink
Borderworld forces escape from their vile Xen retreat
Save for maybe the humble bio-luminescent Stalks
Black Mesa has been offline since the Second Episode due to intermittent lashings from the hive-mind
Track Name: Into Black Mesa
Be afraid of the knife squadron, they flock like mice to the cheese when held at certain angles
Scoped out finest, dungeoned into sheep they waltz amongst us - dead us
Graffiti warnings neighbor my rusted fences
They feed the dumpsters corpses, nobody is spared